getting better at being human, three happy thoughts a day.

Anchor @ Bloomington

Anchor @ Bloomington


July 4 Weekend

1. Midnight Kayak @ 3 a.m. One of the coolest lake activities I’ve ever participated in.

2. Culver Woodcraft fireworks.

2. Late night cuddles with Alina. I love our late night dynamic.

3. Boating and cardplayer with Kacie. A lot if fun

4. Getting to know Sarah J better. I think I’ll continue to reflect on this, but Sarah is such an amazing person.

5. Chicago White Six game with Charlotte and Joy. We had the neatest seats.

One thing I could improve.

Health fulness. I wish I wasn’t as exhausted as I was.

May 26

1 – Lauryn is back! Nationals was fun (videos with Weazy/panda roar) and successful (9th) for the quad and 3rd for the boys.
2 – Arrested Development is back. I can hardly contain myself.
3 – really enjoyed the Honor Council shindig in Cafe Max today. That’s two days in a row of some fine max chow. No complaints here.

Tomorrow is six days until grad. Crazy.

April 2

Three things I’m happy about today, this April 2nd:

  • Stumbling upon Shawn Anchor, a happenstance happy. He arrived on a Wednesday, a few Wednesdays ago, placed chronologically between a tricky case and Hubbard Street 2. Shawn and the first 20-so pages of “The Happiness Advantage” are the impetus for this blog, these lists, and this conviction: happiness matters. Trying my darnedest at being a better human being matters. Thank you, Shawn, on this Wednesday and many more to come!
  •  Crew. Today, while not my best effort, ended well. Nothing broke. Nobody cried. And I have tomorrow, to build a better relationship. I am grateful for the great group of girls I have. Certainly not the fastest, but certainly an ambitious, well-meaning and warm group of gals destined for fond memories and collective success.
  • My future. Sitting at the precipice of so much more, I feel awed and stunned and humbled and sometimes bewildered at all that lays ahead. There’s a lot of life in me to live, yet. I’m so very lucky to have all these amazing choices (college and otherwise) and these opportunities (travel, Gap Year, but also a more abstract but essential happiness: freedom, food, hope, community and love). And I’m unbelievably excited at the prospect of living these moments in a more authentic, effective and affecting way!
  • (Bonus #4: FREE PERIODS)

One article, prose, fiction or creative work I have consumed today: